Treasurer’s January Report to Congregationfundrasing-700x340

by Ev Anderson, Disbursing Treasurer,

Link to 01-2019 Budget Report

To view the January Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here.

January was another happy month for pledge collections, at $23,050. For the year, pledge receipts are 5.2% over target, while total income from all sources is 4% over target.

Expenses almost exactly equaled income in January, even with payment in full of the second installment on our $14,037 contribution to the Annual Program Fund of the UUA and higher-than-average payments for utilities and our payroll contractor. For the year, total expenses are 1.33% under target.

Netting out the two, income for the year exceeds expenses by $13,870—a healthy surplus and hedge against diminished pledge receipts in future months.

Outside the operating budget, two church funds saw contributions during January: $500 to the Memorial Gifts Fund and $272 to the Community Connections Events Fund. In Sunday plate donations, we collected $275 for the Kearney Center and $775 for our Kisiii partnership church in Kenya.

All in all, an excellent start to 2019.