Treasurer’s February Report to Congregationfundrasing-700x340

by Ev Anderson, Disbursing Treasurer,

Budget Report 02-2019 

To view the February Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here.

February was yet another month in which income substantially exceeded expenses.
Total monthly income from all sources – including $18,693 in pledges – was
$21,492, while monthly expenses – despite a whopping $1,122 utility bill – were just
$16,237. So we were “in the black” by $5,255.

Year-to-date, the picture is even brighter, with income exceeding expenses by a full
$19,124. Why this disparity? Because year-to-date pledges are 4.71% over target
while year-to-date expenses are 3.43% under target – a situation partly attributable
to the still-vacant RE Director position.

Among the February expenses permanently benefiting UUCT are the new plantings
in our recently renovated Memorial Garden (thank you, Angel DeArmendi and
Bonnie Abellera!).

Looking forward, we can expect pledge collections to drop off somewhat in the final
third of the church fiscal year. Still, by keeping expenses in check, we are on target
to finish the year with a surplus, which would benefit our somewhat depleted
reserve fund (owing to a shortfall in non-pledge income during the previous 2017-
18 fiscal year).

Outside the operating budget, we collected $230 for the mountain scholarship fund
in February and $241 for the community connection events fund. Sunday plate
collections also included $600 for our Kenyan partnership church ($1,425 with
January donations, wired to Kenya on March 7th) and $617 for the Big Bend
Homeless Coalition.

February was a good month. Your treasurer is smiling!