Treasurer’s June Report to Congregationfundrasing-700x340

by Ev Anderson, Disbursing Treasurer,

Budget Report 06-2019

To view the June Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here.

June marks the end of UUCT’s fiscal year for 2018-19, and the preliminary results
are in. Why “preliminary”? Because 2018-19 pledges continue to trickle in. Pledges
for last year received in July, August, and September of 2019 will all be counted
towards the final 2018-19 year-end report, which is compiled in October.

On the income side, 2018-19 pledges through June are disappointing. We budgeted
$238,519 in total pledges for the year but to date have received only $219,730, a
shortfall of $18,789 or 7.88%. So if you are among the church members or
supporting friends who have not yet completed their 2018-19 pledge, please do
so at the earliest opportunity. (If writing a check, be sure to write “Pledge 2018-
19” on the memo line).

Also on the income side, Sunday plate collections and sanctuary rentals are down for
the year. Total church income from all sources stands at $239,696 in a budget of
$260,090 – a shortfall of $21,213 or 8.13%. Again, we hope to shrink this shortfall
with late-arriving 2018-19 pledges between now and October.

If church income remains incomplete, expenses for 2018-19 are a different story.
These are complete, and the good news is that expenses, like income, are well under
budget. Administration, Religious Education, Music and Minister all came in under
target for the year. Only Committees (especially Hospitality coffee!) and Building
and Grounds exceeded their budget targets. The underspending was especially
large for RE because of the vacant DRE position for most of the fiscal year. Total
expenses in all categories for the year were just $237,585 in a budget of $260,910.
We thus underspent our expense projections by $23,325 or 8.94%.

Netting out total income from all sources against total expenses for the year, we are
“in the black” by a heartening $2,111 – i.e., income exceeded expenses by this
amount. This surplus can only grow with late-arriving 2018-19 pledges – good
news indeed. This surplus will help replenish our reserve fund, which took a hit in
the preceding FY 2017-18 because expenses for that year substantially exceeded

Looking specifically at June, Sunday share-the-plate collections included $636 for
the Minister’s Discretionary Fund and $390 for the UU-UNO. Summer has not
cooled the warm hearts of our socially-conscious congregation.