Treasurer’s August Report to Congregationfundrasing-700x340

by Ev Anderson, Disbursing Treasurer,

Budget Report 08-2019

To view the August Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here.

August was a quiet summer month at UUCT. Current year pledge income was $23,273 — $2,560 over its monthly target of $20,713 – excluding prior-year pledge income of $1,780. For the year, total pledge income is 21% over target, owing to a number of large prepaid pledges that were booked in July. It’s heartening to be in such a comfortable surplus position at the start of the fiscal year, but future pledge income is likely to taper off as the year progresses.
For the month, total income from all sources (including Sunday collections, rental fees, and bank interest – as well as prior year pledges) was $25,944.  Total monthly expenses, meanwhile, were $25,695 – or $249 shy of total income. And these expenses included a payment of $6,339 to the UUA, representing one-half of our Annual Program Fund contribution for FY 2019-20. (The second installment will be paid in January,

Outside the operating budget, Sunday plate collections in August included $525 for the Refuge Relief Project and $160 for Manna on Meridian.