Announcing Upcoming Staff Time Off

Your minister, Rev. William Levwood, was not in the pulpit this past Sunday and won’t be in the pulpit this upcoming Sunday.  He has, however, been working a full schedule these past two weeks.  He has used these two weeks to plan for the upcoming church year, getting the worship calendar filled out and attending to other organizational tasks to make sure UUCT’s shared ministry serves your needs in this upcoming church year.  He will be taking time off from August 17 – 30 in order to provide full time parenting while his spouse begins a chaplaincy internship at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.  During these two weeks he is still available for pastoral care.  If you have a pastoral care need, call (850) 739-0148.

Your Office Administrator, Adriane Pitt, will be taking time off from August 24-26, in order to assist her son’s transition into online learning.  This means that for the week of August 24-28 Adriane’s work will be limited to essential tasks such as putting out The Meridian newsletter.  Other tasks will be attended to the following week.

UUCT is required to provide this time off to it’s staff in accordance with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.