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What Is White Supremacy Culture? 

By Linda Wright

From Developing a Positive White Identity.

“…historically whiteness and white supremacy pervade our culture, our institutions, and our personal relationships with people of color. We are socialized by white institutions and we internalize white superiority. One of the difficult challenges we face as white people is to identify a positive way of being white while recognizing we live in a culture based on white supremacy.

For me to affirm my whiteness in a culture of white superiority I may end up affirming or supporting white supremacy. But I abhor white superiority and all it stands for.

I want to have a racial identity that is not based on the oppression of people of color. I want a racial identity that is not based on the deification of whiteness or white supremacy. I know that I can’t reject my white skin color – I can’t take off my white skin. And white society will continue to give me unearned privilege. The challenge I face as a white person is to feel good about being white without asserting that as a white person I am superior to other people, or oppressing people of color.”

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Bagging for Manna on the Veranda

By Carolyn Pardue

October 7 – 9:30-11am. Veranda – bagging ‘event’. We will share treats/coffee as we put together the double bags necessary for the now almost 200 families that Manna serves each month. Limited to 10 and we have 5. Masks required. Tables will be socially distanced (but close enough to chat). Let me know so I have a count (

October 17 is next Manna on Meridian. Your food donations are used and appreciated. Staples (in every bag): cereal, pasta sauce, canned beans, canned veggies, canned soup, peanut butter, pastas, tuna, canned chicken. Extras: vegetable oil, flour, condiments, sugar, toiletries — (in every bag): cereal, pasta sauce, canned beans, canned veggies, canned soup, peanut butter, pastas, tuna, canned chicken. Extras: vegetable oil, flour, condiments, sugar, toiletries — Will post this week’s BOGOS Friday am. Thank you so much. Extra bonus: if you have them bag your Manna donations in a doubled bagged paper, just leave them in it and we can used those double bags – saves having to purchase so many. Every little bit by every person makes a difference. Thanks everyone.

Food For Thought ~ A Healthier You, A Healthier Planet

By Linda Oaksford

At last month’s meeting it was decided that we would share simple recipes of our favorite foods that are completely plant-based and therefore healthier for our bodies and healthier for the planet, that is, having a lower carbon footprint. So, whether, you have a favorite recipe, or just want to hear about other people’s recipes, please join us on Thursday, October 8th, from 6:00-7:00PM.

Please note that this is NOT our usual time, as we had a slight conflict with our normally-scheduled zoom meeting. If time allows, Ed Oaksford will also share his favorite easy-to-make sprouts and sauerkraut recipes.

If you are not on Linda Oaksford’s zoom list, please email her before Wednesday, October 7th, so that you receive the zoom link. Hope to “see” you there.

Big Bend Environmental Candidates’ Forum

By Steve Urse

The Green Sanctuary Team wants to invite you to this Forum on Thursday, October 8 from 6 pm to 8:30. This virtual environmental forum will host candidates for contested offices in the upcoming general election. Candidates will be asked vetted questions about environmental, growth management, renewable energy and climate change moderated by Tom Flanigan, WFSU news director.

This is a unique opportunity to discover where candidates stand on environmental issues that affect us locally and statewide. Learn about their strategies for addressing these issues. The races include Leon County Commission At Large, Leon County Commission Seat 4, City Commission Seat 2, Florida Senate Seat 3, Florida House Seat 9, and Leon County Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Register here for the Zoom link.  For many years our Green Sanctuary was an active member of BBEF.

Centering BIPOC Voices: Book Discussion

By Robin Gray

At the first Centering BIPOC Voices we broke into small groups for discussion. Participants agreed that “How to Be An Anti-Racist” by Ibram X. Kendi was a good foundation for our continued reading.

The next book to be discussed on October 10th (3:30-5:00 PM) is “The End of White Politics: How to Heal Our Liberal Divide” by Zerlina Maxwell. The publisher’s introduction states: “After working on two presidential campaigns…Zerlina Maxwell gained first-hand knowledge of everything liberals have been doing right over the past few elections–and everything they are still doing wrong.” “…(Observing that) the Democratic Party’s most historically diverse pool of presidential candidates finally dwindled down to Joe Biden, once again an older white man, Maxwell has posed the ultimate question: what now, liberals?”

In November we’ll be reading and discussing “Heavy: An American Memoir” by Kiese Laymon. Reviewing the book for NPR, Martha Anne Toll says: “Dear white people, please read this memoir. Dear America, please read this book. Kiese Laymon is a star in the American literary firmament, with a voice that is courageous, honest, loving, and singularly beautiful. “Heavy” is at once a paean to the Deep South, a condemnation of our fat-averse culture, and a brilliantly rendered memoir of growing up black, and bookish, and entangled in a family that is as challenging as it is grounding.”

Intrigued? Read the books and join the discussions on the second Saturday of the month, October 10 and November 14.

How About Those 2020 Amendments–Updates

By Susan Fleming

Here is voting Information from the League of Women Voters to share please!

These links will give you so much information on voting:  2020 Vote By Mail Flyer and on the Amendments you will be voting on:  2020AmendmentsFlyer.

Additionally, do you know about the informational website  This source will give you individualized information on your slate of seats you will be asked to vote on and much more information.  VOTE411 is committed to ensuring voters have the information they need to successfully participate in every election. Whether it’s local, state or federal, every election is important to ensuring our laws and policies reflect the values and beliefs of our communities.