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Christmas Eve Share the Plate for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund

The Minister’s Discretionary Fund exists as a resource for people in financial crises.  Your generosity can help pay a month’s rent, buy groceries, or ensure that someone gets proper medical care.  Through this fund, you can bring the herald of goodwill to people all year round.  Just this month, we have helped keep someone’s utilities on for the holidays and provided meals and shelter to a mother and her two small children.  Thank you for your continued support of this important program.


8th Principle Article: History of Our Principles

By Deborah W. Holt

My last Meridian Article introduced the Principles as adopted in the 1960s. The first major revision was in the mid 1980s. It is striking to read the original 6. They reflect their time. The language is male-centered and Judeo-Christian is the only religious tradition.

The members of the UU Women’s Federation [UUWF] took issue. There was a multi year/meeting/draft effort that culminated in the 7 which had ‘religious integrity, intellectual coherence, and literary quality.’ In addition to the work of the UUWF, there were two cultural/philosophical/political groundswells: religious traditions other than Judeo-Christian were important to us and Global Warming was critical to our place in the world.

The result was the 7 principles. The 6 sources were added as a compromise. The issue was the inclusion of a deity and the Judeo-Christian tradition. The inclusion of a deity and the Judeo-Christian tradition in the original 6 had almost derailed the formation of the UUA. When they started the review, that same issue was raised. In a stoke of genius, someone suggested including sources for the principles and everyone was appeased. The 7 have remained almost unchanged for the past 35 years. In my next article I will write about events during those 35 years and the development of #8.

[This is not a scholarly article. There are no footnotes and there is plenty of plagiarism. Please contact me if you want my sources.]


S.W.I.M 2021 Going Online!

By Karen Share

Looking for a week of bliss with a diverse group of friendly and fascinating UUs? Then the Southeast (UU) Winter Institute Mid-Florida was meant for you!

SWIM is an intentional, inter-generational community of UUs and friends, including awesome people like YOU! We normally gather in South Florida December 26 through January 1, but met virtually in 2020. Traditionally it’s fun in the sun, friendship, off site trips, workshops, worship, singing, dancing, volunteering; SWIM has it all! A great time to get away and relax after a busy holiday season.

We’d love to have you with us, whether for your first time, or your 40th! For more information go to