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Tend the Spark, Carry the Flame

Canvass Team Leaders and Connections

The canvass provides an opportunity every year to check in with each other once again and consider how UUCT fits into our lives. This week, we show appreciation for our canvass team leaders who took the time to contact all of you, ask you about your experiences at UUCT and what is important to you about Unitarian Universalism, and listen to your answers. We hope these conversations gave you one more chance to connect with another member of our UUCT beloved community. While there are many opportunities to participate and connect with others at UUCT, even virtually, it is important to continue building community and connecting with each other throughout the year. These conversations with the canvass team leaders and the responses to our Tend the Spark Survey (click here to complete) will help guide our future activities to engage our members as we move toward gathering together, both in-person and virtually, at UUCT.

We appreciate all of you who have made your pledges and who give of yourself to UUCT. We will celebrate our beloved community during this Sunday’s service (April 4 th). We hope to see you there!

Your Canvass Committee
We tend the spark and carry the flame.


“It is white people’s responsibility to be less fragile; People of Color don’t need to twist themselves into knots trying to navigate us as painlessly as possible.” —ROBIN DIANGELO

By Carolyn Dubard

A few years ago, I had lunch with my friend Jean to celebrate her 70th birthday. When she opened the card I gave her, she didn’t smile or thank me. The card remembered the “good old days” when children saw Sunday movie matinees for a dime and bought candy cigarettes. With hurt in her voice, she said to me, “You were a little white girl and I was a little black girl. I had to sit in the balcony in the movie theater and they wouldn’t let me into the store to buy candy.”

I was shocked and indignant. Why was she mad at me when I was doing something nice for her? I thought, “I am one of the good guys.”

During our forty-year friendship, Jean and I had shared our deepest feelings, except for those on race. Fortunately, I listened that day. Jean felt deep hurt by the silence of her white friends after the 2016 election. Her white friends had expressed surprise that there was still so much racism. She wondered why her white friends were so blind.

Now I understand that as long as we live in a white supremacy culture, there are no good guys. I am reading “Me and White Supremacy” by Layla Saad. I have learned what the term white supremacy means. I now see my white privilege, my white fragility, and the effects of my white silence.

If you’re white, I invite you to join me in learning how to be a better ally for racial justice.


An Update from the COVID-19 Reopening Task Force

By Phil Kiracofe

UUCT’s COVID-19 Reopening Task Force continues to monitor local data and trends to gauge the progress being made in the greater Leon County area. While some signs are encouraging we know we still have a way to go before complete reopening can happen.

That doesn’t mean that the church is on full lock down. The guidelines crafted by the Task Force and approved by the Board allow for small group gatherings and meetings which have been occurring. Groups of 12 or less have been meeting on the veranda and other outdoor settings for some time now. Recently, plans for the upcoming Art Walk outside the church building were approved and a request to hold Easter egg hunts for kids was also given the go-ahead.

In seeking a balanced, sensible and safe path forward the Task Force continues to review the guidelines and make adjustments that reflect current realities. For example, guidelines for the use of the playgrounds that had restricted use to one family at a time are being relaxed to allow more than one family provided no more than 12 persons are present at a time.

As we move forward and more gatherings on church property are held, please be reminded that the usual precautions remain in force. At gatherings where food and drinks are consumed and masks are off it’s especially important to maintain the six-foot social distance envelop. And when working on campus alone or out of immediate range from others a mask isn’t necessary but needs to be on when the distance is closed. (Complete guidelines are posted on the church website under the Coronavirus Alternative Church Plans tab).

A word about post-vaccine precautions. With more people getting vaccinated there may be some confusion about whether precautions still need to be observed. They do. A recent CDC release stated, “Everyone – even those who are vaccinated – should continue with all mitigation strategies when in public settings.”

Some updates on vaccines:

  • Beginning April 5 th all Floridians 16 and over will be eligible to receive the vaccine. To pre-register go to Once you’ve registered you’ll be notified when the vaccine is available. For those vaccine hunters who don’t want to wait, a dose may be obtained earlier by going to a vaccination site just before it closes to receive one of the leftover doses.
  • Safe and Healthy Big Bend has launched an informational website that brings
    together community resources about COVID-19, including when, where and how to get tested or vaccinated; behaviors to stop the spread; the latest information about COVID- 19 and schools. Visit the site at
  • Around Florida vaccines are available at 150 CVS locations, 125 Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club locations, more than 70 Winn Dixie locations, soon-to-be over 600 Walgreens pharmacies and every single one of the 730 Publix pharmacies.
  • The Leon County Covid-19 Information Portal for Testing and Vaccination Sites can be found at:

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we navigate these challenging times.

We look forward to the day in the not too distant future when we can safely gather again at church. Until then, stay well.


Volunteer Opportunity – Collecting Treasurer

By Dan D’Arcangelis, VP for Finance

UUCT is looking for a volunteer to serve as Collecting Treasurer starting on July 1st. The Collecting Treasurer oversees all incoming money to our church, recording and depositing any payments UUCT receives. The only qualifications are computer literacy and a willingness to learn our accounting software, PowerChurch. Training will be provided by our current Collecting Treasurer, Marty Beech who has done fantastic work for UUCT for many years, as well as other members of the Finance Committee as needed.

If you are interested in serving in this role, please contact our VP for Finance at