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Let’s talk about RACE: Allies for Racial Equity (ARE@UUCT)

By Gwendolyn Waldorf

“Race is such an omnipresent fact of life for black people . . . . White people apparently don’t think about it, don’t want to think about it, or don’t know how to talk about it. Maybe they just don’t see it as important because their lives have never depended on the information exchange.”
—Sharon Leslie Morgan in Gather at the Table

The Allies for Racial Equity is a small group ministry of people learning how to talk about race. We come together (virtually) for reflection, listening, and sharing. We identify as white, and aspire to become active allies by first confronting the need to change how we think and act.

Each of us examined our white privilege and challenged our personal assumptions as we worked through Me and White Supremacy (Layla F. Saad) over the past few months. As an introvert, I don’t readily join groups—but I found that hearing stories, memories, and reactions of other UUs has helped me think more deeply about the role of race in my own life. Being in the conversation also regularly reminds me of my commitment to be part of the change.

Every day, the news delivers another example of our country’s racial disparity. If you wonder “Why? How did we get here? What can we do about it?,” join our conversation. Contact Linda Wright ( to be added to the email list for meeting links. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, May 4th, at 10:30 a.m.

We will poll everyone to determine the most convenient meeting day/time for June and beyond. Changing ourselves is one thing we can do about race. Lives depend on it.



By Carolyn Pardue

Throughout COVID 2020, UUCT members have done an excellent job responding to requests to reuse, recycle, and repurpose items. A gentle reminder that you can still leave the following items at the church and they will be distributed. You will notice a couple of new things that we have found homes for:

  • Paper grocery bags: Manna uses them to pack dry goods for our guests. At my
    rough count, this summer (between the participating churches) we have collected
    over 400 paper bags – that is a case that Manna no longer has to purchase. HINT: if you get double bags, just leave them doubled, that is how we use them.
  • Plastic utensils: Kathryn Schroeder just dropped the latest utensil collection from UUCT off at Kearney Center this week. I am not sure how many are in this load, numerically, but I can tell you that she delivered two filled reusable grocery bags. Since Kearney is providing meals off site right now, they are using a lot of these.
  • Bed linens: gently used (or new) sheets, blankets, pillows. Kearney Center is looking for linens for their clients in their transition shelter and other living facilities. Thank you to those who left them at the church this past week; Kathryn has delivered them to Kearney.
  • Egg cartons : a number of local people are raising chickens and ducks and supplying eggs to friends and to food pantries. They love to recycle.
  • Black plastic planting pots (any size): those you get when you purchase a plant. A number of people (including me) grow plants and give them away – we will take all pots.
  • Plastic grocery bags: not as big a market for these right now although there is still a thrift store or two that will take them. Those that cannot be distributed, will be taken to local stores that recycle.
  • Reusable grocery bags: those that are left at your house or come in the mail. Manna uses these bags for packing produce instead of having to purchase plastic bags. Any that are not the correct size are donated to a lady who supplies them to the little food pantries throughout town.

Thank you for all you continue to do.


Interim Minister Search Committee Asks and Updates:

Tallahassee Rocks!

By Kerry Burner

Hello Fellow Congregants! One of the things we’re wanting to include in the search portfolio is a link to a google map that has pins in it placed by congregants. This approach to sharing cool local and nearby things Tallahassee has to offer is a dynamic and modern approach to attracting a minister.

The starting map has a lot of familiar places –  please add to it!  If you need technical support or simply want to add a location without doing the “pin thing” please email Kerry Burner at

Share with our prospective Minister what makes Tallahassee unique and desirable!  Think in particular about how our town embodies and fosters our UU principles as you add pins relating to your own experiences. Where do you commune? Where do you volunteer? What groups do you connect with?

If there’s something pinned to the map that you believe should not be pinned for any reason, please email the committee by contacting Kerry Burner at

Use the link below to add your pin!