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SUUSI Starts Tomorrow!

By Karen Share

Don’t miss the last online Southeast UU Summer Institute July 17 – 24! Next year we’ll be back on the beautiful Western Carolina University campus. You need to register at for individual events such as workshops, nature events, sports, and games activities. Most are free, but there is a small fee for some. You don’t have to register for all- SUUSI events like concerts, worship, social events, and nightlife.

Don’t miss all the fun! You may view the entire SUUSI catalog at “See” you there!


You are Invited to a Dedication and Interfaith Service:
Community Remembrance Project, this Saturday, July 17th

By Susan Fleming

Since 2018, UUCT has been one of many churches that have had representatives come together to create a local branch of the Community Remembrance Project (CRP). This is a nationwide effort by the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) to assist communities in recognizing and honoring their known victims of lynching, including erecting a personalized monument in the communities where they lost their life.

The Tallahassee CRP is ready, after many hurdles, to erect and dedicate our monument in Cascades Park near the site of the former city jail on Saturday, July 17 at 3:00 PM. Please read about this effort and the official invitation details at

Additionally, the Equal Justice Initiative, that is headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, is committed to changing the narrative and supporting racial justice through multiple dedicated initiatives. Read about these at About EJI and plan a trip to their inspiring museum and memorial in this pivotal area of the country when you can.


Farewell Gathering for Rev. Levwood & Family

Drop by the UUCT campus this Sunday, July 18 anytime between 4:30 and 7:00 PM to bid  farewell to Rev. Levwood and his family before they embark on their next adventure.

To offer support or donations for the event, please email

Current UUCT Covid Taskforce Guidelines will be followed.  To view these guidelines, click here.


Why Donate to the UUCT Mountain Scholarship Fund?

by Trudy Deyle

In Highlands, NC, there is a very special place for Unitarian Universalists called The Mountain for short. It was founded by UUs, including UUCTers, in 1979. Over the years, many UUCT youth have attended MountainCamp and conference weekends during the school year, with some working later as camp counselors. And many UUCT adults have attended a wide variety of programs there, including congregational retreats. The UUCT Mountain Scholarship Fund exists so that any youth in our congregation who wants to attend MountainCamp or any youth or adult who wants to attend a Mountain program is able to do so.

Last summer, MountainCamp was not held due to the pandemic. But in 2019, a record number of UUCT youth, four in all, received partial scholarships for camp, and a fifth UUCT youth received a scholarship to The Mountain’s climate justice conference. Now our scholarship fund needs replenishing!

Here’s what two of our 2019 scholarship recipients have to say about their experience:

“MountainCamp was a lot of fun. It allowed me to bond with other people my age and experience the outdoors in a safe and structured but very fun way. Add in the wonderful views and places you can visit, and it’s like magic.”

“MountainCamp was a welcoming place with a kind and caring community where I could meet people, explore nature, and have fun. It was a place where I knew I would be accepted and seen, no matter what. I had an amazing time and would go back in a heartbeat.”

This Sunday’s Share the Plate is the UUCT Mountain Scholarship Fund.


Final Results of the Ecochallenge

By Ed Oaksford

Thirteen participants at UUCT engaged in the Drawdown Ecochallenge to reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and combat climate change. A big thanks to everyone that pitched in. Altogether our Canopy Road Crusaders Team accumulated 9,573 points with our top two performers being Bonnie Fesmire and Brendan Clark. Bonnie with a total of 2,318 points and Brendan with 2,176 points. As a result of our participation in this event we have all learned that our individual actions at home, work and in the community play a significant role in creating the world we live in. Humans have a stunning impact on our environment and it has reached a level that threatens the climate of the entire planet. The climate solutions we’ve learned of in this program and put into practice have helped us all develop new found habits that are helping to dial down the amount of greenhouse gas we each emit into the atmosphere.

You too can learn about these climate solutions and join in taking meaningful actions to lower your greenhouse gas contribution thereby helping to alleviate the adverse effects of climate change. To do that, just go to and read and learn about all the climate solutions that exist today that can be implemented to mitigate the unwanted effects of climate change we are seeing all around the globe today. Take pride in the fact that you too can be part of the solution to make life better for everyone on our beautiful planet earth.


Meal Service and Preparation Volunteers Needed

By Janet Temkin

If you and your family are looking for a way to give back to our community, the Kearney Center can use your help.

UUCT has signed up to prep and serve lunches on the first, third and fourth Tuesday of each month at the Kearney Center. We will be assisting with dinners on the second Monday of each month. 4-5 volunteers are needed at each mealtime.

Meal prep is a fun way to connect with others and help our vulnerable homeless population at the same time.

You can easily sign up to volunteer using the link below:

Kathryn  Schroeder is now our UUCT coordinator.  Please email Kathryn at for more information.


Volunteer Opportunity – Auditor

By Dan D’Arcangelis

UUCT’s Manual of Policies and Procedures calls for an ad-hoc audit committee to perform an internal review of our financial accounts and procedures every two years. The board is looking for volunteers to do this important work. A financial background is not necessary and there is a checklist from the UUA to help ensure a thorough review. While this is a significant project, prior volunteer auditors tell us that it can be done by one person, or alternatively a small committee, within a couple of weeks. Members performing these audits cannot be serving on the finance committee or serving in positions directly related to UUCT’s finances.

So are you detail oriented and willing to review our financial records and interview our treasurers? If so, lease let the board know – email