Articles, Reflections, & Announcements


A Message from the President

By Brian Lee

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to announce that this month I shall begin my tenure as the President of UUCT’s Executive Board. I am grateful to have been recruited to serve the congregation in this position, and look forward to the opportunity to assist in facilitating the mission of our church.

I come to this position with prior service to the congregation that includes serving on staff as Campus Ministry Coordinator, helping coordinate CROP Walks, serving on the committee that led us to achieve our Welcoming Congregation status, and participating with UUCT and the congregations of many other faiths to hold local leadership accountable in the Tallahassee Equality Action Ministries coalition.

Many thanks to Rev. Levwood, Past President Rod Oldenberg, and all of the members of the Executive Board for their leadership and guidance.

Brian Lee


Community Building with Food

By Mary Wolfgang

Sharing food does help build community at the micro level (Caring Committee & “Take Them a Meal”) as well as the macro level (UUCT Social Justice Goal).

I want to shout out a great big thank you to all my fellow UUs who nurtured me physically and spiritually with soups in June. This helped carry me over the finish line of 6 months of cancer treatments, including 28 radiations and 18 weeks of Chemo. (Last Chemo was June 29.) That soup filled not just my stomach but also my heart and has moved me with gratitude to pay it forward with food, as soon as I get some strength back.

In Community at UUCT
Mary Wolfgang


Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute (SUUSI) 2021

By Karen Share

Last Chance To Sample SUUSI Free* & Online!

This year will be your last opportunity to get a small taste of SUUSI July 17 – 24. Next year we’ll be in full swing at the Western Carolina University campus!

Check out the catalog of worship services, concerts, workshops, etc. and register at Late registration available through July 24.

* There is a small fee for some workshops.


Meal Service and Preparation Volunteers Needed

By Janet Temkin

If you and your family are looking for a way to give back to our community, the Kearney Center can use your help.

UUCT has signed up to prep and serve lunches on the first, third and fourth Tuesday of each month at the Kearney Center. We will be assisting with dinners on the second Monday of each month. 4-5 volunteers are needed at each mealtime.

Meal prep is a fun way to connect with others and help our vulnerable homeless population at the same time.

You can easily sign up to volunteer using the link below:

Kathryn  Schroeder is now our UUCT coordinator.  Please email Kathryn at for more information.


Volunteer Opportunity – Auditor

By Dan D’Arcangelis

UUCT’s Manual of Policies and Procedures calls for an ad-hoc audit committee to perform an internal review of our financial accounts and procedures every two years. The board is looking for volunteers to do this important work. A financial background is not necessary and there is a checklist from the UUA to help ensure a thorough review. While this is a significant project, prior volunteer auditors tell us that it can be done by one person, or alternatively a small committee, within a couple of weeks. Members performing these audits cannot be serving on the finance committee or serving in positions directly related to UUCT’s finances.

So are you detail oriented and willing to review our financial records and interview our treasurers? If so, lease let the board know – email