Community Care Opportunities


Helping us help others…easy peasy.

By Carolyn Pardue

As this pandemic drags on, more and more people are needing assistance. And organizations that are helping others are needing assistance. We may not be able to help everyone, but every one of us can help someone.

UUCT continues to be a great financial contributor to many organizations. In addition, our church sponsored programs (Manna, Kearney, Macon Community, and others) benefited from some targeted volunteer work and donations.

RECYCLE, REUSE, REPURPOSE… UUCT members have been contributing necessary items that often just hang round the house. Below is a list of things and how they can be used.

UU-TO GO: deliver any of these goods to the veranda at the church OR give me a call (850-443-7807) or email ( and I will try to pick them up or ask someone pick them up. If items are picked up, I will ask that you leave them on the porch or car port at time of pick up.

1. Plastic ware and paper goods: any paper plates, cups, napkins, etc that are left over from an event you had or were planning – these are needed. That drawer full of plastic ware from food you brought home to eat is really useful. Where will it help: Grace Mission is assisting the Kearney Center inpreparing meals for the homeless. They will use whatever we have. This summer UUCT has donated over 1000 pieces of plastic ware, over 500 plates, over 200 cups and a bunch of napkins. Wrapped or unwrapped does not matter.

2. Sheets (cotton or a fabric that will hold a crease). You know, those sheets in the closet that are “too good to throw away but not good enough to use”. These are really important right now. Where will they be used: Mask Marvel is group of Tallahassee volunteers who, every single month, supplies 500 masks with surgical grade fabric to TMH (TMH supplies the fabric). They made 2500 masks for teachers in the school district. How Mask Marvel Works: A group of volunteers arrives on Tues/Thurs to drop off their week’s work and pick up their work for the next week. The Sheets are used to make the ‘straps’ (binding) for the masks. Because making straps is time consuming, a different group of volunteers makes the straps and then those are given to mask makers as part of their weekly kit. Any color or design sheet welcome. Top and fitted welcome. NOTE: if you are binge watching something and want to tear (not cut) the sheets into 2” strips (remove the top and bottom first), please have at it. They will be pressed and the fringe trimmed – saves another volunteer a step.

3. Cotton fabric that you had planned to make the project out of but didn’t get to it. Lengths of at least one yard preferable but I can go through it and if it can’t be used, find a home for it. See#2 for use.

4. Large paper grocery bags (not the new shorties). If your grocery store has doubled them leave them doubled. Where will they be used: Manna on Meridian. Those doubled bags are used to hold the groceries each month for those who come by and pick up their dry goods. Any donated bags means bags do not have to be purchased and the money can be spent on food.

5. Paper grocery bags with handles (Trader Joes/Whole Foods, etc) Where will they be used: Grace Mission: Due to Covid, Grace will not be able to host its Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners in person. So this year they will make “to go” holiday meals. The bags with the handles are great for that.

6. Reusable grocery bags – if you are like me, they seem to reproduce in the back of the car. They are needed. Where will they be used: Manna on Meridian will use them as produce bags for our customers. It also provides the Manna customerwith a reusable shopping bag and enables Manna to purchasefewer plastic bags. Each produce bag weighs between 6-10 pounds each month so the millions of plastic grocery bags (that we do not need) are not strong enough.

7. Toiletries, including all those toothbrushes from the dentist you don’t use. Small travel size or the bigger bottles in back of cabinet you decided you did not want after all – anything over ½ full is great. Where will they be used: Manna on Meridian and
Grace Mission. Individual bags are made for Manna and large bottles go to Grace where people are allowed to shower and they can use toiletries there.

8. Cardboard boxes (broken down)…these are used for mulch in gardens. Where will they be used: Macon Community Garden.

9. Winter coats, sweaters, blankets – in good condition (if you would not hand it down to a friend or allow company to sleep under it, pitch it). Where will they be used: Big Bend Homeless Coalition and Kearney Center. We will get some cold weather and there are people who will need these things…


UUCT is a great contributor in our community. And as this pandemic drags on and we are not able to go about and do our regular volunteering, the list above is a way to help. Next week there will be a piece on Manna and the holidays and I will be making a larger ‘ask’ than usual. For this week, just keep digging through your stuff and see what we can share. Thank you.

P.S. Pet People: I understand the Humane Society, Animal Aid, and places like that can use old towels. This is not something I have researched but a friend donates those things as she finds them. So, if you have old towels, throw those in your “UU-to go”pile also and I will get them to her to get to them….

For all you do – thank you.