Due to Coronavirus most activities have moved online or been suspended.

Please email office@uutallahassee.org for information and current status of events.

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Bonnie Abellera, Community Connections Committee Chairperson, Leonpta1@yahoo.com

Are you interested in helping decide what community events UUCT could host this year? The UUCT Community Connections Committee helps foster a spirit of community among members, supporting friends, and interested visitors by supporting and encouraging participation in community connection events—social and cultural activities, programs, and events that appeal to a diverse and inclusive audience both within our church and beyond and that help establish bonds of friendship, respect, and mutual support.

Sounds like fun, right?  

The Committee can:

  • Arrange or sponsor events such as dinners, game nights, coffee houses, concerts, dances, etc. that build our church community and fellowship and enrich the lives of those who participate. 
  • Encourage and nurture the development of the artistic, literary, poetic, musical, and performing arts gifts of participants through opportunities to share those gifts in loving, supportive, fun, and relaxed fellowship.
  • Seek out performers from beyond our congregation (outside performers) who can provide fresh, inspiring, and culturally diverse fine arts and performing arts experiences to our congregation and the community at large. 

This is a great Committee to join!

The following activities are ongoing:

A few events that need designated dates (and willing volunteers):

  • Talent Share, Karaoke and Family Craft Night (TBD) 
  • Free, Beg, Barter or Buy Mini-Market (TBD)
  • Winter Fest (TBD) 

Other ideas to consider:

  • Ice cream social (or Halo-halo… my favorite)
  • Taffy pull/Game nights
  • Picnics at a park
  • Local trips/shows 
  • Longest Table type event with Temple Israel – Potluck
  • Longest Table type event with a South side church/community – Potluck
  • Wakulla Springs boat ride and picnic
  • Beach trip (Yes, please…)
  • Community Concerts (Who, When? Let’s make some plans!)
  • Other ideas? Send an email!

Email Bonnie Abellera if you would like to participate on the Committee. We will meet sometime in August after everyone is back from vacation. Leonpta1@yahoo.com.


New Items at UUCT – Aprons, Totes and Bags

by Bonnie Abellera, Community Connections Committee Chairperson

In the kitchen, look for new blue aprons with UUCT logos printed on the front. The aprons can be worn by anyone helping out in the kitchen, volunteers assisting with Potluck Sunday Fellowship events, in service for special occasions or whenever you are serving or delivering food out in the community (Kearney Center, Crop Walk, etc.). This is a great way to keep clothes clean and also show that you are part of a community. Note: Aprons do not have to be worn when you are providing a service; they are available for those who would like to wear them. Please keep the aprons at church unless there is an event you are attending in the community.

Ten sturdy UUCT Grocery Totes are available to help you remember what items to bring in for Manna on Meridian. Each tote has a list attached that you can use when shopping. Non-sugar cereals, at the top of the list, are items that everyone is encouraged to bring. Fill up the tote and bring it back to UUCT for others to use. Place your food items in the bin near the kitchen. For regular Manna on Meridian donors, consider purchasing a tote that you can keep in your vehicle ($15 each to CCE Fund) and use it to help carry your items from your vehicle to the sanctuary. The Manna on Meridian totes will be placed near the bin for members to pick up when at church.

Purple string backpack bags are available for individuals 12 and over who are participating in community events – parades, rallies, hikes, walks, conferences, social justice events, youth Con events, etc. – and need something to hold water bottles, keys, jackets, candles, etc. If you don’t have a UU shirt for an event, the bags are also a great way to identify UUCT participants. UUCT will keep 20 bags available for events in the community and will sell 20 bags for those interested in using a bag on a regular basis ($10 each to CCE Fund). More bags can be ordered based on demand.