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by Phyllis Thomson

Perhaps you have read about The National Memorial for Peace and Justice? If you haven’t, this memorial stands with a new museum, The Legacy Museum, in Montgomery Alabama and chronicles the injustices of African Americans from enslavement to racial inequality today. The memorial itself serves to acknowledge the African Americans who lost their lives due to racial terrorism, commonly known as lynching. Over 4,000 lynching incidents have been documented, with many others undocumented. These documented events are memorialized in the form of hanging steel columns representing counties where lynchings were perpetrated. The originator of the memorial, the Equal Justice Initiative, has planned for a duplicate column to be erected at a commemorative site in each named county where the lynchings took place. Please visit for more information about the memorial.

The Tallahassee Community Remembrance Project is a group working to bring the duplicate monument to Leon county. The group is a collective of 19 civic groups, many faith-based including UUCT, who are planning community educational meetings, designing a marker to accompany the duplicate monument, and coordinating a trip to Montgomery to see the Peace and Justice Memorial. Their website is Phyllis Thomson is the UUCT volunteer representative.

The trip to visit Montgomery is June 17 & 18, 2019 and all are welcome; cost is modest. For more information, contact Debbie Gibson, 656-3659 or write Registration Deadline is March 30th . You can register directly at:

Some of our UUCT members have recently been on a similar trip to Montgomery: Mary Braunagel, Joanne Taylor, Phyllis Thomson and Steve Carter would be happy to answer any questions you may have.