We are currently holding all Sunday Services via Zoom only.

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Coronavirus Alternative Church Plans

UUCT Covid-19 Pandemic Guidelines for Facilities Use

The guiding principles of UUCT’s Covid-19 guidelines are based on those established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our guidelines are regularly reviewed and updated in accordance with the latest scientific conclusions and recommendations by public health experts.

These guidelines also make reference to Covenantal Consent (CC) which is described at: Covenantal Consent | LeaderLab | UUA.org . CC honors Inclusion, Care, Consent and Covenant. In practice, CC allows for the relaxing of some guidelines for small and intermediate size groups under these conditions:

– Small groups (2 to 12 persons) with all having been vaccinated may meet both indoors and outdoors without masks with unanimous agreement.

– Intermediate groups (13 to 25 persons) with all having been vaccinated may meet indoors with masks and socially distanced and outdoors without masks with unanimous agreement.

– Large groups (26 or more) may meet indoors under conditions set forth in Guideline I.1. below as well as outdoors but masking and social distancing requirements apply and may not be waived.

I. Guidelines for groups using church facilities

  1. Persons age five and older attending large group indoor gatherings, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks and observe social distancing of at least six feet. Sanctuary seating will be limited to 45 and arranged to ensure safe distancing.
  2. In any group where children under age 12 are present, all persons age five and older must be masked and practice social distancing.
  3. All persons in group gatherings must be able to follow the guidelines. Parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring any children in their care are in compliance with guidelines.
  4. Small groups that meet on a regular basis (Old Guys Lunch, Women’s Lunch Bunch) can observe CC guidelines regarding masks and social distancing.
  5. Consumption of food and beverages at group gatherings is allowed under the following provisions:
    – participants bring their own food/beverages;
    – food/beverages are not shared unless commercially prepared and unopened when shared.
  6. Staff will clean shared office space periodically and follow CC. Staff will wear masks when volunteers or visitors are present in the shared space. Any volunteers or visitors will be asked to wear a mask while in the shared office space and use hand sanitizer upon entry.
  7. Groups requesting the use of church facilities must register and seek prior approval by emailing the Office Administrator at office@uutallahassee.org.
  8. Church member and non-member groups renting space from the church must ensure that all event participants adhere to UUCT’s Covid guidelines.

II. Guidelines for playground

  1. The church playgrounds are available for use on a reservation basis. To reserve the playground, please email the Office Administrator at office@uutallahassee.org.  
  2. When members of more than one household are present on the playground masks are required for all participants ages five and older and encouraged for participants under five years old, regardless of vaccination status.
  3. All participants should have a mask with them and ready to use any time they are on campus.

III. Guidelines for outdoor work groups

  1. Persons working outdoors are not expected to wear masks if separated from other workers by a safe distance. Should the distance between workers close then workers must observe CC guidelines.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out the the Covid Task Force. Members are Phil Kiracofe, chair, Janet Temkin and Steve Urse serving as members, Rev. Holly Brown as an ex officio member, Bonnie Abellera, VP for Management and DRE Helen Rivers Cassara as consultants.

These guidelines have been developed and approved by UUCT’s executive Board effective November 18, 2021.

Scheduled Zoom Meet-Ups

Sunday Service
Sundays @ 11:00 am

Join us Sundays via Zoom for connection and spiritual centering. Our Zoom service starts at 11:00am. Please note, a waiting room is enabled for all Sunday Service Gatherings.

Feel free to show up early, sign on, and socialize at our Virtual Coffee (Half) Hour starting at 10:30am.

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, it’s simple and easy to use. You may join online using a computer or smart phone.  You may also call in. We recommend having a lamp in front of you and that you wear solid colors for best visibility. Use of a headset is also recommended.

For Zoom meeting information contact uutallahassee@gmail.com Monday through Friday 8 am until noon.

Online Religious Exploration for Children and Youth

Religious exploration offerings for children and youth are offered online most Sundays. Please contact DRE Helen Rivers
at uuctdre2810@gmail.com for more information and for Zoom links

More Information

We at UUCT are committed to supporting each other during this challenging time. We know that social isolation is also difficult, and even a health risk of its own. With this in mind we plan to make extra efforts to stay connected during this time when we are encouraging a reduction in in-person interactions.  The UUA’s Carey McDonald has suggested we use this time of “social distancing” as an opportunity to focus on community care, on how we can keep connected with each other even when we can’t be in the same room together.

Many of our opportunities to connect will be via video conferencing software Zoom and on the church’s existing Facebook UUCT Sharing group. Please join us and reach out if you’re having any difficulties.

How to download and install the Zoom Application

Desktop/Laptop Computer

Go to https://zoom.us/download and from the Download Center, click on the Download button under “Zoom Client For Meetings” and install. This application will automatically start when you when you click to open a link to a Zoom meeting from your browser.

For Mobile Devices

Zoom apps are available to download for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play.