UUCT Wishes a Happy Birthday
to the following members and friends with birthdays from December 1- December 31.


Riley Moore, December 3

Miryam Rubenstein, December 5

Neil Mooney, December 6

Kristen Eliza Coyne, December 8

Dale Reecy, December 10

Jennifer Rampollo, December 10

Joe Lama, December 10

Lee Chipps-Walton, December 12

John McDevitt, December 12

Rhonda Shipley, December 18

Leane Rhodes, December 19

Dave Harvey, December 21

Sherry Rampollo, December 24

Ezra Chipps-Walton, December 28

Lauren Levwood, December 31

If you’re not already in the church database, please send your birthday and month (no year) to the church office at office@uutallahassee.org, so we can wish you a happy birthday. The last issue of The Meridian each month will feature birthday wishes for all those whose birthdays are the following month.