The congregation and those that support our community are the reason that the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee (UUCT) exists.  We are appreciative of those that contribute both monetarily and by volunteering their time.

Interested in Volunteering?  Please contact the office if you are interested in volunteering, and our Office Administrator will connect you with a contact person from one of our committees or programs.

Interested in contributing monetarily?  We provide many options to donate including if there is a specific event or program you would like to donate to.

Online Donation Form (includes specific programs)

Cost-Free Pledge/Donation Methods

§ Payment Online Using Bank-Generated Check
Through Billpay at your bank or credit union, you can authorize your institution to automatically print and send monthly checks to UUCT drawn from your account. We like this method! It is cost-free to UUCT and may be cost-free to you as well (check with your bank or credit union). True, it takes some time and effort to set up and terminate. But the resultant savings are worth it.

§ Payment by Personal Check or Cash
You can make donations and pledge payments with personal checks or cash. Always note on the check memo line or cash envelope whether the check or cash is for your pledge. Be sure to record the pledge year for your donation. For example, “Pledge 2017-18” or “Pledge 2018-19.” Donation envelopes are at the rear of the sanctuary. Place your checks or cash envelopes in the collection plate on Sunday or in the slotted and locked black metal mailbox in the vestibule (beneath mail cubbyholes).

Pledges That Cost UUCT

§ Payment By Bank Withdrawal Through VANCO 
Direct payment through VANCO is fast and reliable.  The donation worksheet also gives options regarding what programs you would like to donate to.

The funds are withdrawn from your bank account in the amount and on the date you specify. Your donations can be recurring, one-time, or intermittent. The funds are transferred electronically to the UUCT bank account as an ACH (automatic clearing house) transaction. VANCO assesses a program fee of $0.25 plus 9/10 of 1% for each ACH transaction. So a $1,000 donation costs $9.25, netting the church $990.75. Consider adding 1% to your donation if you use VANCO’s ACH deposit method.

§ Payment by Credit Card Through VANCO
We love those credit card points! But VANCO assesses a combined merchant and VANCO charge of $0.45 plus 2.75% for each MS transaction. So a $1,000 credit card donation to UUCT costs $32, netting the church $968. If you must pay your pledge by credit card, please consider adding 3% to your donation to help defray these fees.

§ Pledges of Stock
You can pay your annual pledge with stock. The securities are transferred from your brokerage account to the Church’s brokerage account with Muriel Siebert, which charges a $35 sales transaction fee to liquidate the stock.