Frequently Asked Questions

What is the annual canvass and why do I need to pledge?
The annual canvass is when we ask each of us in the congregation to make a financial commitment or “pledge” that will be paid during the upcoming fiscal year. These payments allow UUCT to support programs and ministries that matter to us and to the community. Over 90% of the church’s income comes from these pledges! At the end of the canvass, these financial commitments from everyone in the congregation are gathered and used to build a responsible budget for the coming year.

How does the budget process work?
Every year, the Finance Committee and the Board, with input from Committee Chairs and others, create an Asking Budget. The Asking Budget is shared with the congregation and is then voted on by the congregation at the February congregational meeting. At the end of the pledge drive in March, the Board and Finance Committee, with others, create a final budget using the pledges that were submitted by the March deadline. The congregation votes on the final budget at the annual congregational meeting in May.

 How and when do I submit my pledge form?
There are a variety of ways to submit your pledge form—either by mail or dropping it off at the church, or via our online pledge form. Please get your pledge form in by March 24, 2019 so that the Board and Finance Committee can finalize the new budget.

How much do I pledge?
Every person’s circumstances and ability to give are different.  For more information on what to consider when deciding on your pledge amount, see the Fair Share Contribution Guide document.

Once I’ve made my pledge, how do I pay it during the 2019-2020 fiscal year?
There are a variety of ways to pay your pledge during the 2019-2020 fiscal year (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020), including setting up an automatic bill pay with your bank, paying online, or by check. For more information on how to submit your pledge, see Five Ways to Make Pledge Payments to UUCT.

I contribute monthly using Vanco.  Do I still need to fill out a pledge form?
Yes! Even if you are contributing by having Vanco automatically deduct payments from your bank account on a regular basis, the church still needs to know what you are planning to contribute next year so that we can make our budget. Also, if you choose to pay through Vanco, please consider adding 1% to your direct deposit or 3% to your credit card payment to help defray Vanco’s fees, which increased this year.

How can I give more?
There are many opportunities to give to the church. We appreciate all donations of time and talent. Contact for more information.

I have another question about the Canvass.  How can I ask?
We want to hear from you. Please email and a member of the Canvass Committee will get back to you.