Message from the Minister

— by Rev. William Levwood, UUCT Minister

Honoring the Quiet, Calm Darkness Within

There are many reasons why the holiday season can be difficult.  When so much celebration and joy is all around it puts whatever pain you are feeling into stark relief.  All of the ritual sights and sounds and smells bring back memories.  Some of these memories are painful.  Even positive memories can be bittersweet this time of year if we are far from family or a loved one is no longer with us.

In some ways the holiday season feels like it’s trying too hard.  As the nights get longer and the air colder, it’s as if nature is telling us to make a cozy fire and snuggle up with a good book.  Instead we manically fill our homes with color and light, with joyful holiday music.  Instead we’re rushing out to the the store or staying up late scouring Amazon for just the right gift.

I don’t have any answers.  I do know that all Mary and Joseph needed was the most basic hospitality, just a simple place to rest and welcome their newborn child.  I do know that lighting the Hannukah candles and watching them as they burn down helps me to get through the long dark night of my sorrows.  I do know that what every child wants and needs isn’t so much toys but to be surrounded by love and encouraged to enter into their imagination where new visions can rise up from the quiet, calm darkness within.

In this busy time of year,

may you find time to rest in that quiet darkness;

may your sadness be cradled in loving arms;
may a candle burning
be a beacon of hope for your longing;
may the spirit of the season be that of
simple generosity,
small acts of kindness,
and dark fertile soil for the year to come.

This message published in the December 15, 2019 issue of The Meridian.

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