Interim Guidelines for Facilities Use

I. Guidelines for small groups using church facilities

  1. Groups requesting use of church facilities must register and seek prior approval by emailing the Office Administrator at
  2. Until full reopening has been authorized groups will be permitted to gather outdoors only.
  3. Consumption of food/beverages at group gatherings is allowed provided:
    ● participants bring their own food/beverages;
    ● food/beverages is not shared unless commercially prepared and unopened when shared;
    ● food/beverage is ordered from a commercial food service.
  4. Masks must be worn at all times except when eating or drinking.
  5. Participants must observe social distancing of at least 6 feet.
  6. Groups should be no larger than 12 people unless specifically approved by the Covid-19 Reopening Task Force and these should include only persons who are able to follow the guidelines. Parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring any children in their care are in compliance with guidelines.
  7. Participants must clean anything they use before and after their event. Cleaning between uses also applies to office staff who share offices and church members who use staff office space.

II. Guidelines for playground

  1. An online calendar will be set up where families can reserve 90 minute time slots for play. Persons wishing to reserve the playground can sign up here
  2. In order to minimize the number of people on campus at a given time a reservation will include the use of both playgrounds during the reservation period.
  3. Use of the playground by more than one family at a time is allowed provided the total number of participants is 12 or fewer.
  4. Participants must have masks on-hand and put them on if anyone outside the family unit (ex. staff, volunteers, contractors, etc.) is present.
  5. Slots will not be available during regularly scheduled in-person events to minimize the number of people on campus at a given time.
  6. Disinfecting spray, hand sanitizer, and wipes will be kept on the playground and families are expected to disinfect high-touch surfaces at the end of a session. DRE will stock and replace items as needed.
  7. The online reservation system will not be public but will be made available to families who have been involved with RE for the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 church years. Families who were previously involved and request access will be granted access.
  8. Precautions and expectations will be posted at both playgrounds and on the online reservation form.
  9. Implementation will be pending some playground maintenance, including but not limited to re-mulching and treatment for fire ants.

These guidelines have been developed and approved by UUCT’s executive Board. In addition to interim guideline changes, the Covid Reopening Task Force has also been been charged to prepare a comprehensive plan. To view these plans, click the link below

If you have questions, please contact Task Force Chair Phil Kiracofe at