Sarah Tso, January 2
Greg DeAngelo, January 3
Walter Hoskins, January 4
Barbara Gearhart, January 5
Connie Sauer-Adams, January 6
Phil Kiracofe, January 8
Ryan Turner, January 8
Mariann D’Arcangelis, January 9
Harper Geraci, January 12
Joan Patterson, January 15
Mary Braunagel, January 15
Kerry Burner, January 16
Kandy Crowe, January 17
DeLos DeTar, January 18
Diana Williams, January 18
Jennie Myers, January 19
Angel de Armendi, January 22
Nancy Harvey, January 22
Katya Taylor, January 23
Claudia Montague, January 28
Jude Cass, January 29
Thomas Holt, January 29
Frank Deasy, January 30
Richard Dempsey, January 30
Robert Burgess, January 30
Chelsea Fox, January 31
Thomas Carver, January 31

If you’re not already in the church database, please send your birthday and month (no year) to the church office at, so we can wish you a happy birthday. The last issue of The Meridian each month will feature birthday wishes for all those whose birthdays are the following month.