Kid’s Connection


Introducing the Kids Connection addition to the Meridian, a space for congregants of all ages to connect. In it, we will lift up our children, our youth, and our families.  The spirit of the Kids Connection emphasizes the broader family connections, the familial web of interdependence.

Some weeks, the Kids Connection may include information about Unitarian Universalism that’s presented in a kid-friendly way. But, the authors and the audience of this section of the Meridian are one and the same:

  • The children and youth in UUCT CYRE programming are invited to include their accomplishments and concerns as part of this new section of the Meridian. That may look like art, a list, a poem, or something shared from shared RE time.
  • The congregation is invited to share life events related to the celebration of the children in their lives. The first time they visited the beach? Let us know! Second-grader discovered a unique way to learn about native birds? Let us know! Family growing a garden? Let us know! Grandchild accepted to an internship? Let us know!

Submit your contributions to Kids Connection here.