Let’s All Eat: Food Justicefood

by Linda Wright

There’s a lot going on at UUCT and much of it has to do with food. There are the monthly potlucks, and the plates of snacks that often appear when people gather for meetings, concerts, and educational programs. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. We love to eat together and we like to share food. Our environmental concerns and health issues may have changed what we eat, but not our enthusiasm for eating together.

UUCT expands the dinner table by donating food, time, and money to the interfaith food distribution project, Manna on Meridian. Members go monthly to help serve lunch and/or dinner at the Kearney Center.

After reading Justice on Earth, it was no surprise that on July 28, the people who attended the “Making Justice a Reality” meeting decided that our congregation could help to build a more equitable world if we choose to focus on food justice. Food justice ensures that the benefits and risks of how food is grown and processed, transported, distributed, and consumed are shared equitably. Now there is a small group of volunteers who are in the planning stages, trying to determine how we as a congregation can best address some of the root issues of hunger here in Tallahassee.

On August 11, the planning group worked to create a short list of local issues that could be the start of our congregation’s food justice efforts. Next we are planning to meet with key members of the community to listen and learn. For more information, please feel free to approach Susan Fleming or to contact her at safleming02@msn.com.