Thomas Stuart-Tilley, May 1
John Sample, May 3
Eleanor Nelson, May 5
Matt Doyle, May 6
Kay Cleary, May 7
Carolyn DuBard, May 8
Katharine Hsu, May 8
David Nelson, May 9
DeWayne Carver, May 9
Finn Janik, May 17
Tom R. Moore, May 17
Jude Chipps-Walton, May 22
Rei Myers, May 22
Joan Sangree, May 22
Haya Levwood, May 25
Alana Katherine “Kay” Stuart-Tilley, May 28
R. Parker Collins, May 30

If you’re not already in the church database, please send your birthday and month (no year) to the church office at, so we can wish you a happy birthday. The last issue of The Meridian each month will feature birthday wishes for all those whose birthdays are the following month.