Message from the Minister


Greetings Beloveds,

Join me for a drop by event on the veranda on November 3 between 10 am – Noon or on November 7th between 2 pm – 4 pm. I want to learn about the history of the church from your perspective. What was one (or a few) really important moment(s) in your relationship with the church? Some of the stories shared on the timeline will be incorporated into the service (with permission) on November 14th.

Our theme for worship in November is Holding History and this will tie into the interim work of exploring the church history. At times, churches explore the history of the congregation by putting up a long stretch of paper with years marked on it for people to fill history. In-person it might be held as part of service or during coffee hour and often included chatting and reminiscing about history. It was a communal event as much as it is about collecting the actual data points. The UU Church of Tallahassee was blessed with Fran Boyle and Barbara Sterling recording the history of the congregation from founding through 2013. Several years ago, their history was presented along with photos and newspaper articles on several panels that were wonderful to review. If you have not seen or would like a refresher on the history they recorded you can find a digital version here.

The event has been approved by the Covid Task Force. We will be practicing physical distancing and masking as part of Covid Protocols. Hand sanitizer and masks (if you forget yours) will be available. The timeline will be on the veranda with stations to write a note to be added. If you want to write something down before you come you are welcome to do so. You may also send something to to be included if you are not able to drop by.

In faith,
Rev. Holly

Published  October 27, 2021