Message from the Minister

— by Rev. William Levwood, UUCT Minister

Love is a Growing Thing

The theme of our pledge drive is Grow Our Love. I would suggest to you that love is, by its very nature, a growing thing.  That it must be a growing thing.

I don’t mean that the only good economy is a growing economy.  I don’t mean that love doesn’t include limits and healthy boundaries.  And I’m definitely not talking about hedonism, about ever increasing pleasure, about always feeling high.

If I can try to express it through an image, love is like the roots of a tree.  Each year the tree grows another ring, it’s trunk widening, branches stretching up, further and further into the sky.  Were the roots to stop growing the tree would die.

It wouldn’t happen right away.  In fact, it could take a very long time.  Evidence of the dying process might not be immediately apparent above ground.  It could be happening and we might not even know it.

I invite you to ask if the roots of love are still growing.

Are they growing in your own life? Are they still growing in this congregation.  Are still growing in our nation.

It’s an important question.  A life or death kind of question.  The Q’uran is very clear, in multiple places, that unjust societies may last for a time, even for a long time, but the nature of injustice means that they will die.  I believe this is true.  When the roots of love stop growing, the tree begins dying.

The Q’uran says that a prophet is sent to every society to tell us the dying process has begun and calls us to listen and make changes before it is too late.  UU theologian James Luther Adams proposes that all people are potential prophets, that we are all called to listen to that small voice within.

The call to Grow Our Love is much deeper than our pledge drive.  It’s a call to live out the promise and the practice of our faith.