Message from the Minister

— by Rev. William Levwood, UUCT Minister

Wrapping Up @ UUCT!

I am looking forward to celebrating our shared ministry together in this coming Sunday service. Later that day, from 4:30-7:00pm my family and I will be at UUCT so that folks can come say goodbye to us.  That’s the best time to share your final goodbyes with me but if for any reason you would like to meet with me at another time July 19th-23rd is the time for you to schedule any last meetings with me, either as groups or individually.

The final week of July I’ll be busy with final packing and traveling up to Virginia so during that week I’m only available if a pastoral care need arises, meaning if something truly tragic or just really difficult happens in your life you can contact me using my emergency pastoral care line and I’ll be available to give you emotional and spiritual support.

August 1st is the beginning of the no contact period, during which you should have no contact with me for two year’s time.  I’ll be available to Rev. Holly for consultation as needed but an important part of ministerial transition is that Rev. Holly Brown will be your minister for the next two years and all ministerial communication should be directed to them. August 1st is also when I will begin my next ministry at Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church in Burke, Virginia, a suburb southwest of Washington, DC.

Ministry is challenging work and these are challenging times but it has been such a joy to serve you as your minister these past three years.  I’m proud of the ministry we’ve done together!  And I see a bright future ahead in which you continue to grow spiritually, tending the spark, nurturing each other as you widen the circle of care and concern, and carrying the flame of love and justice into the capital area community, a community that truly needs your voice and your presence to grow into the world we dream about.