Message from the Minister

— by Rev. William Levwood, UUCT Minister

A Month of Preparation

I imagine some of you have been wondering what I’ll be doing next!  I’m happy to announce that I’ve accepted a contract ministry at Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church in Burke, Virginia, a suburb southwest of Washington DC.  While I’m sad to be leaving UUCT, I’m very excited about this new ministry opportunity.  The Levwood family will be living in Richmond, Virginia in a home near Lauren’s internship church, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond.  It will be a long commute for me but I’m looking forward to lots of podcast listening time! (And hoping some people prefer to keep meeting on Zoom even after in person events resume!)

This Sunday we’ll resume our UU Summer at the Movies series but after that I’ll be preaching again throughout July.  I’m looking forward to sharing with you about this transitional time we’re in and also celebrating the journey we’ve taken together.  The last Sunday in July we’ll return to our UU Summer at the Movies series but with UUCT’s contribution to the series, a service exploring the wisdom in the movie Frozen 2.  After that the UU Summer at the Movies series will continue into August to give your new interim minister Rev. Holly Brown some time to get settled at UUCT and begin to get to know the congregation before stepping into the pulpit.

During the month of July, I’ll be focused on wrapping up my time here.  I’ll be convening a Multiplatform Team to organize a return to in person events that will also be live-streamed.  It’s important that all events have the option of being offered both in person and online to meet everyone’s differing needs. It’s going to take some time to get organized for Sunday services in the sanctuary so don’t expect that until late August or September at the earliest.  There will be more moving parts than there were before the pandemic so we need the extra time to get everything in place.  And we’ll be needing extra volunteer support so if you’re interested in helping with that let me know!  Hopefully, small group events can happen earlier.  The Multiplatform Team is getting things set up so that small groups can gather in person AND livestream for those for whom it isn’t yet comfortable, or for some even safe, to gather in person yet.

There will also be a special outdoor event on the evening of Sunday, July 18th where you can come to church in person to say good bye to me and my family.  It will be a few hours in the evening, similar to how we organized the Art Walk.  More details coming soon.

That’s the best time to share your final goodbyes with me but if for any reason you would like to meet with me at another time during the month of July just send me an email so we can set something up.  The final week of July I’ll be busy with final packing up and traveling to Virginia but up until then I’ll make time for you.  And even in that last week, if a pastoral care need arises, meaning if something truly tragic or just really difficult happens in your life you can contact me using my emergency pastoral care line and I’ll be available to give you emotional and spiritual support.

Ministry is challenging work and these are challenging times but it has been such a joy to serve you as your minister these past three years.  I’m proud of the ministry we’ve done together!  And I see a bright future ahead in which you continue to grow spiritually, tending the spark, nurturing each other as you widen the circle of care and concern, and carrying the flame of love and justice into the capital area community, a community that truly needs your voice and your presence to grow into the world we dream about.