Message from the Minister

— by Rev. William Levwood, UUCT Minister

What We Need Is Here

For some time now we have been beginning and ending our service by singing the words, “what we need is here.”  These words are from a poem by Wendell Berry.

It might be difficult to feel this right now.  I know that, for myself, five months into this pandemic, it’s often difficult to feel this.  Often, I feel the exact opposite.

There is a meme a friend shared with me recently called Prayer in 2020.  It’s a short video of a Christian calling Jesus on his cellphone and saying:

“Jesus, come get me!”

“I hate it here.”

“It’s not fun no more.”

Every time I watch this video it both expresses my frustration and provides me with an experience of release through laughter that relieves my pent up stress and worry.

Even though it often doesn’t feel like it, I do believe that what we need is here.

It’s here in our hearts and spirits.

It’s here in our body.

It’s here in our home.

It’s here, right outside out door,

in the feel of the breeze,

the sound of the rain.

It’s here in this community.

What we need is here.

Pause.  Connect with this truth.

To connect with this experience you may need to lay down on the floor for ten minutes.

Or you might need to call a friend on the phone.

You may need to take a walk.

Or take a bath.

Or eat an apple.


Savoring each bite.

What we need is here.

Take a moment to pause.

Do whatever you need to do to feel this.

What we need is here.