Message from the Minister

— by Rev. William Levwood, UUCT Minister

This is a harvest time

This is a harvest time. It’s a time when we as human beings reap the fruits of our labor. Hidden within these fruits are the seeds of new life. The seeds are both protected and nourished by the fruits.

Over the next few Sundays we are going to explore the fruits of American history.  We are going to look at how these fruits bear within them the seeds for a new America.  Many of these fruits, it turns out, are rotten.  There is deep cruelty and greed at the roots of the founding of this nation.  There are horrific stories of trauma and tragedy.  There are also stories of survival against all odd.  These are heroic stories but not in the epic sense.  These are stories of communal heroism carried out at kitchen tables and community meetings.  These are not glamorous stories of victory and triumph but rather ordinary stories of ordinary courage, quiet sacrifice, humility, and doing what needs to be done, imperfectly but well enough to survive and continue.

When we explore the true horrors of our history, the current divisiveness is less surprising.  Our inability to bridge the divides less a cause for despair.  Truth is necessary as we move, however slowly, however haltingly, towards reconciliation and communal transformation.   It’s like we are harvesting medicine.  It might taste bitter.  It might look ugly.  It might smell bad.  And yet, it is the medicine we need to move towards healing, towards health, towards wholeness.

We will be exploring this in our Sunday services.  We will honor our grief.  We will explore how to hear each other’s stories.  We will celebrate together, honoring the new life with a child dedication, honoring the new life that comes with a new name, honoring our communion with the natural world, with each other, and with our deepest aspirations and ideals.

We will be exploring these fruit-seeds as we learn about how to be actively anti-racist and anti-oppressive through the UUA curriculum, Building the World We Dream About.  I look forward to our second session of this once-a-month thirteen month journey.

This next week we will also be starting another UUA curriculum focused on Revitalizing Elderhood.  Elderhood is both a fruit and a seed time.  It’s a time for harvesting a lifetime’s worth wisdom and learning.  It’s a time of sharing wisdom this with others.  And it’s a time of new learning, nourished by the fruit of that lifetime of wisdom.  Together we will explore the rich abundance that Elderhood can be.

May this be a time of harvest.

May it be a time of nurturing seeds of new life.

Even if you find yourself in a place of sadness, or grief, or even despair, know that there are seeds of new life in that dark soil, and the seeds are protected and nourished.

May you know there is medicine, healing medicine, here.

This message published in the November 3, 2019 issue of The Meridian.