Message from the Minister

— by William Levwood, UUCT Minister

Learning from Water

The amazing thing about water is how it conforms its shape to the vessel which holds it.
Water takes on the shape of wherever it finds itself. As river, water conforms to the river bank. As ocean, water’s waves and tides are dictated by the moon. As rain, water forms the shape designed by the velocity of falling and travels the course designated by the wind. In a bathtub, water is bathtub shaped. In a bowl, bowl-shaped. In a bottle, bottle-shaped. If you cup your empty hands and then fill them with water, the water will take on the shape of your cupped hands.

This coming month we will explore what water has to teach us.

The song Peace Like a River connects human virtues to the many forms water takes. Peace like a river. Love like an ocean. Joy like a fountain. Just as water takes on the shape of any vessel, we who are mostly water can take on the shape of any virtue. In this month’s Sunday services, we’ll explore how to meet suffering with compassion, practice acceptance and love for our own failings and the failings of others, flow through life with equanimity, and rise up together as we bless each other with joyful communion.

We can learn a lot from water.

We will start our exploration of water this coming Sunday with our Water Communion. We invite you to join us. Bring some water, from your home faucet, from your garden hose, from the bog across the way, from a nearby creek, from a trip to the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. Bring a small bottle or jar or Tupperware of water. During the service, each person will pour water into a common vessel, symbolizing the common vessel that is our congregation. Just as many waters flow together—from cloud mist to raindrop to river to ocean and back to cloud mist again—so too do we as seekers weave together our spiritual journeys to form one water, one community of faith. This shared water, symbol and embodiment of our shared ministry, will be sterilized and used in child dedications throughout the year, as we welcome the next generation to join in the journey toward wholeness.

We can learn a lot from water.

Sermons given by our Minister, William Levwood, can be found on the Worship Recordings Page.

This message was published in the September 8 – 22, 2018, 2018 issue of The Meridian.