UUCT Wishes a Happy Birthday
to the following members and friends with birthdays from November 1- November 30.


Jeff Shanks, November 2

Dan D’Arcangelis, November 4

Len Adams, November 7

Samantha Ellrich, November 16

Les Campbell, November 17

Callum Janik, November 19

Louis Janik, November 19

Ed Baseheart, November 22

Phyllis Thomson, November 22

Jeanne Ryder, November 25

Marty Beech, November 25

Pam Hoskins, November 26

Patrick Arrastia-Chisholm, November 27

Rick Bracey, November 28

Irmin Allner, November 29

If you’re not already in the church database, please send your birthday and month (no year) to the church office at office@uutallahassee.org, so we can wish you a happy birthday. The last issue of The Meridian each month will feature birthday wishes for all those whose birthdays are the following month.