Message from the Minister

— by Rev. William Levwood, UUCT Minister

Our Cup Overflows

Our cup overflows, both with goodness and with the work for justice that remains to be done.

Every Sunday, when it’s time to share announcements, I am amazed by all that is happening in this congregation and all the ways that this congregation is showing up in our community.

I’m grateful for all who showed up to volunteer for my Ordination and Installation service. I am so grateful to be your minister. I meant what I said in the Tallahassee Democrat article, our shared ministry is a perfect match.

I’m also grateful to all who showed up for the Student Climate Strike, especially to our very own Charlotte Stuart-Tilley who has been bearing witness on the steps of the Capitol for months now.

There is no time to lose in addressing our climate crisis.

There is so much work to be done.

I know many of us showed up in support of Amendment 4. An overwhelming majority of Floridians voted for former felons to be granted the right to vote. Since then the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 7066 (SB7066), denying the right to vote to former felons who owe outstanding debt to state. This is an attempt to thwart the will of the people. It’s an unprecedented act of putting into law a financial barrier to citizens’ right to vote.

I invite those who can to show up at the Federal Courthouse at 11:30 this Monday for a Voting Rights Rally in opposition to this discriminatory law.

Meanwhile, we have a new Worship Associates program, which is bringing more collaboration to our Sunday services.

The monthly Ethical Eating Movie Night & Discussion held its inaugural gathering last Friday.

And we have so many exciting programs coming up!

Building the World We Dream About, our offering of this UUA anti-racist curriculum launches this Sunday, October 6th.

Our Food for Thought event, where we have the opportunity to learn from local leaders about Food Justice efforts in our community, is being organized.

In November we will begin offering a curriculum exploring Elderhood.

And all of this is in addition to our regular programs. Our weekly Freethinker’s Forum, Christian Spirituality, Mindfulness Meditation and Singing Meditation. Our monthly newcomers gathering, UU Explorations class, and Dandelion Pagan Collective.  Our twice-monthly volunteer opportunity at the Kearney Center, serving meals for those who need it most!

A huge thank you to all of you for showing up and being a part of this amazing community.
I am honored to be your minister!

Our cup overflows!

This message published in the October 6, 2019 issue of The Meridian.