UUCT Wishes a Happy Birthday
to the following members and friends with birthdays from September 1- September 30

Ed Oaksford, September 2

Larry Andre Myers, September 2

Elinor Elfner, September 3

Nora Veblen, September 3

Marshall Nelson, September 4

Susan Fleming, September 11

Lynette Norr, September 13

Howard Pardue, September 14

Pearce DeAngelo, September 14

Amy Doyle, September 16

Carter Nelson, September 19

Jack Martin, September 24

Robert Rampollo, September 25

Amy K. Weiss, September 27

Steven Carter, September 30

Don Berger, September 30

If you’re not already in the church database, please send your birthday and month (no year) to the church office at office@uutallahassee.org, so we can wish you a happy birthday. The last issue of The Meridian each month will feature birthday wishes for all those whose birthdays are the following month.