Tend the Spark, Carry the Flame


Canvass Team Leaders and Connections

The canvass provides an opportunity every year to check in with each other once again and consider how UUCT fits into our lives. This week, we show appreciation for our canvass team leaders who took the time to contact all of you, ask you about your experiences at UUCT and what is important to you about Unitarian Universalism, and listen to your answers. We hope these conversations gave you one more chance to connect with another member of our UUCT beloved community. While there are many opportunities to participate and connect with others at UUCT, even virtually, it is important to continue building community and connecting with each other throughout the year. These conversations with the canvass team leaders and the responses to our Tend the Spark Survey (click here to complete) will help guide our future activities to engage our members as we move toward gathering together, both in-person and virtually, at UUCT.

We appreciate all of you who have made your pledges and who give of yourself to UUCT. We will celebrate our beloved community during this Sunday’s service (April 4 th). We hope to see you there!

Your Canvass Committee
We tend the spark and carry the flame.