Treasurer’s April Report to Congregation

by Ron Clark, Disbursing Treasurer,


Budget Report 4-2020

To view the April Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here.

Our year-to-date pledge collections total is $236,153 with an annual budget of $248,558. That’s 91.8% collected during the ten months of this fiscal year, with 83.3% as the April target. Pledge collections surprisingly increased to $16,238 for April, almost $6,900 more than the collections for the prior month. Our current year budgeted pledge income appears to be within reach.

Year-to-date expenses are well under budget at $211,532, or 78.5% of their pro-rated 83.3% target for April.

Netting out total budgeted income and expenses, income slightly exceeded expenses for the month by $451. Income exceeds expenses by $28,927 for the year. We will likely be in the black for the fiscal year in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and without receiving a loan/grant from the Payroll Protection Program. As of May 13, 2020 I have not received any confirmation of approval for the loan/grant.

Outside the operating budget, April’s other contributions benefited numerous recipients:
Unrestricted Gifts to UUCT $85
Minister’s Discretionary Fund $575
Music Fund $200
Kearney Center $1,947
Manna on Meridian $1,010
Rethink Energy $1,822
Oasis Center for Women & Girls $25

The stock market recovered substantially over the month of April and the balances of our endowment accounts increased likewise. In fact, the April 30, 2020 balance of the endowment accounts was about $4,000 greater than on July 1, 2019 in spite of the withdrawal of about $5,850 in December 2019.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Clark
Disbursing Treasurer