Treasurer’s July 2021 Report to Congregation

by Ron Clark, Disbursing Treasurer,

Budget Report 7/2021

To view the July Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here.

The new 2021-22 fiscal year began with July current year pledge receipts of $15,681, 1.6% below the target of 8.3% of the annual budget. The current year pledge total, including prepaid pledges of $47,710, is at 27.1% of target. Other recurring income was only at 1.4% of the budgeted total, but that is not unexpected since withdrawals of dividends from the endowment funds, about ¾ of the other recurring income budget, will likely not be done until late in the fiscal year.

In the new fiscal year expense categories were generally below target, except that administration expenses were 1% above target. Overall budgeted expenses were 1.9% below budget. The July budgeted expense total exceeded income by $2,050. 

Our endowment funds continued to grow in value up to a July 31, 2021 balance of $1,273,506, a 2% one month increase.

In addition to the operating budget, July collections of at least $100 were:

Church funds

  • Mountain Scholarship Fund $225


Respectfully submitted,
Ron Clark
Disbursing Treasurer