Treasurer’s June 2021 Report to Congregation

by Ron Clark, Disbursing Treasurer,

Budget Report 6/2021

To view the June Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here.

For June current year pledge receipts increased to $14,179. The current year pledge total, including prepaid pledges, is 5.6% below target. As in May, significant prepaid pledges were received and increased to $28,300 this month. The much delayed receipt of an Employee Retention Credit of $11,757 resulted in other recurring income being only 10.4% below budget. This was achieved without using any endowment fund dividends for operating expenses.

At fiscal year-end expenses in all categories remained well below budget, resulting in a year-to-date budgeted expense total at 7.2% below target.

For June income greatly exceeded expenses, generating a monthly budgeted net income of $32,424. For the year budgeted income, including prepaid pledges, exceeds expenses by $48,209. This year’s budget showed expenses exceeding income by $3,526. However, this fiscal year’s results were that net income exceeded the budgeted deficit by $51,735.

Our endowment funds have had a very good year as well. The fund balances increased by $320,286 to a fiscal year-end total of $1,249,045, a 34.5% increase. This year UUCT also received two legacy gifts totaling about $124,000. Our total assets now exceed $1,500,000, up from about $1,023,000 a year ago. UUCT ends the fiscal year in a very strong financial position.

During the last year UUCT has accepted donations to support our sister church Kisii Unitarian Universalist Congregation and the Nest Way Preparatory School. In June we wired $985 to help support their much-needed efforts to serve their community.

In addition to the operating budget, June collections of at least $100 were:

Outreach charities
Manna on Meridian $205
Tallahassee Food Network $270
Total $475

Church funds
Memorial Gifts Fund $230
Playground Improvement Fund $105
Music Fund $100
Total $435

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Clark
Disbursing Treasurer