Upcoming Music in Services and Music Program Updates

Angel de Armendi

Angel de Armendi, Music Director

by Angel de Armendi, UUCT Music Director

On August 11th I will be playing two instrumental pieces that I want to dedicate to the victims of the recent five shootings. These happened in the US in less than a week. For these innocent adults and children, I would like to dedicate an Elégie by Jules Massenet and a Berceuse (Lullaby) by Benjamin Godard. The Berceuse is dedicated particularly to the children. There is a quality to both pieces that seems to exalt the value of innocence, and in the case of the Elégie also grief. Not just the innocence of childhood, but the innocence or belief that tomorrow we may live in a world devoid of mass shootings. This particular innocence is one of courage, faith and hope. If we did not possess this innocence, we would not attend a liberal church that radically teaches the wisdom of world religions, mainly to love and accept everyone. Instead we would stay shut at home in fear. Here is a hint of the beauty our world may exude one day in honoring the precious lives of the recently departed from us.

Sargam class is coming to a closure next week, and choir rehearsals resume August 21 st at 7:00 pm in Room L and every Wednesday thereafter.   A 2019 Fall choir schedule is posted outside my office door at the back of the Sanctuary. If you are thinking of joining the choir this is the time to start adjusting your busy schedule and make room for a rewarding ministry that can both enrich your life and the congregation’s.

Singing Meditation resumes August 20th , and every Tuesday thereafter at 9:30 am in the Sanctuary. Come meditate in a group setting through chanting and silence, story- telling, walks, hikes and sharing.

Choral Retreat September 7 th 2019, required for prospective/current/active choir members, invite a congregant/friend who may be interested in joining the choir and/or wants to be actively involved in the music-making of Sunday Services.
8:45 – 12:45 pm, Sanctuary.
Breakfast Provided
Break 10:45-11:15 am, Dismissal at 12:45 pm.