Due to Coronavirus most activities have moved online or been suspended.

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Worship Leader: Alana Katherine “Kay” Stuart-Tilley

Sundays,  9:45 a.m. in Room 3 – a space with comfy sofas!

Child care is available in the Nursery starting at 9:30.

For recent information you can join the UUCT Christian Spirituality Facebook Group.

So, what do we do at Christian Spirituality? I hope we can be a resource for Unitarian Universalist Christians and those interested in UU Christianity at UUCT. During the last several years, we have explored history, theology, Bible and more. We have celebrated the holy days of Easter and Christmas, and shared communion during worship in between.

Before there were UUs, there were Unitarians and Universalists, both of them Christian denominations. Subsequently, Unitarian Universalism has come to draw from many sources of which the Judeo-Christian tradition is only one. This challenges all UUs, Christian or not, to develop a framework for religious pluralism, something that is desperately needed in today’s world. I think of Christianity (and other traditions) as a language through which we ground our UU Principles and Purposes, and which inspires us to live and grow fully into them. As such, Unitarian Universalism has much to offer progressive Christians, and liberal Christianity has much to offer Unitarian Universalists.