Tend the Spark, Carry the Flame


Welcome to the UUCT 2021-22 Canvass Pledge Drive.


Every year we ask each member, supporting friend, and frequent visitor to make a financial commitment (pledge) for the upcoming year. Pledges help us in planning the best ways to continue, adapt, and grow the work of the church. The amount ($235,489) of pledge income in the Asking Budget is the same as last year’s. We are paying for increases in expenditures from savings we made during this year.  So please pledge at least what you did last year and, if you are able, a little bit more.



Our canvass drive will begin on February 7, 2021 and continue until March 26, 2021. During this time you will receive a phone call from someone you already know asking about your hopes and expectations for UUCT and for a financial commitment. You will also receive, through The Meridian and Sunday services, regular updates on our congregational progress toward meeting our participation and financial goals, information about our programs and how every day we carry the flames of love and courage, as well as testimonials from your fellow congregants. And, we will have a celebration at the end of the pledge drive to thank each other.


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