UUCT Facility Rentals

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee has rooms of various sizes and configurations available for rent to UUCT members, organizations and private individuals. Our historic Sanctuary and nearby rooms offer warm, inviting places to hold religious services, meetings, classes, conferences, seminars, parties, weddings, wedding vow renewals, parties, memorials and other events or celebrations. A Memorial Garden is located near the Sanctuary and can be used for some of these activities. Most of the rental areas are wheelchair accessible and all are climate-controlled. Tables, chairs and Wifi are available in all rooms and areas at no additional cost.

Site Location
Sanctuary, Veranda, Memorial Garden and Kitchen
Meeting Rooms L, C, K
The “Pods” – Rooms 2 and 3
Parking Areas
Past to Present – A Bit of Architectural History
Weddings – Marry the ONE you Love!

UUCT rents rooms and outdoor areas on a space available basis and if needed with the review and approval of the minster and designated church board member(s). A reduced rate is available for documented non-profit groups. Wedding ceremonies, receptions and special events are allowed extended hours at very reasonable rates. Contact our Office Administrator for more information regarding availability, fees, or to set up a tour of the buildings and grounds (850) 385-5115 or via email Office Administrator.

Street View

Street View

Site Location: 2810 North Meridian Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32312 The Sanctuary, Memorial Garden and adjacent buildings are situated on five hilly and wooded acres on North Meridian Road in Tallahassee, Florida. Look for the entrance between North Florida Christian School and John Knox Road. The location is an ideal and picturesque setting for weddings, group meetings, special events and workshops.





The Sanctuary’s carpeted space can seat 140 guests in auditorium style or about 80 for a sit-down meal. Without tables or chairs the room capacity is 262 people. The location is ideal for wedding ceremonies or receptions, large meetings and small concerts. Its carpeted floor, beamed vaulted ceiling and large windows add an aura of warmth and openness to any event. The use of a concert grand piano or the on-site sound system is available for a small fee and upon request. (Note: Our Music Director and Sound Technician must be contacted in advance) Space: 1,871 square feet

Memorial Garden and Veranda

A Veranda adjacent to the Sanctuary provides a partially covered outdoor space for small weddings, receptions, dinners or even jam sessions. The Veranda space has easy access to the church kitchen and is accessible by a walkway from the church parking lot. The Memorial Garden provides additional outdoor space near the Sanctuary and Veranda and has both a sloped path and stairs for access. While capacity for the outside space is 321 people, the space would be more comfortable for groups up to 250 and fewer for seated events.

The kitchen is immediately adjacent to the Sanctuary and the Veranda and is included in the rental of these areas. The kitchen contains one microwave, a stove, an automatic dishwasher, several commercial-grade urns (for coffee, tea or water), one refrigerator and three sink areas. The stove has one oven and four burners. A drop-down counter provides access to the Sanctuary. (Note: The kitchen is not handicap accessible and has limited space—more than two people in the kitchen feels like a crowd.)


Religious Education Complex (Rooms C, K, and L)

The religious education complex is located toward the back of the property. The largest room (Room L) is well equipped with a ceiling projector, DVD player and drop-down screen. Two other classrooms in this area (K and C) are also available. The education complex does not have a kitchen, but food may be served. Handicap accessible bathrooms are available on this level.


The “Pods” (Rooms 2 and 3)

The “Pods” Rooms 2 and 3, which are located between the Sanctuary building and the Religious Education Complex, are available for small group activity rentals, class use or as add on rooms for larger events. The unusual shape of these rooms lends them their nickname. Please note that these rooms are not easily accessible for those in wheelchairs.


UUCT Grounds

Free parking and handicap accessible parking are available near the Sanctuary and near the Religious Education Complex (building on hill). Overflow parking is available on a grass lot to the west of the Religious Education Complex. First-time visitor and visitor parking is also available. (Note: not all parking areas are shown)

Overall parking capacity: ~100 vehicles (7 marked handicap spaces)


UUCT Facilities ~ Past to Present

A Bit of Architectural History – UUCT moved from FSU campus to North Meridian Road

After outgrowing its chapel on the Florida State University campus in the early ‘60s (see above images for current views of the old chapel), the congregation purchased land for a new church from Mrs. Jewel Collins Eubanks Wimberly and her husband Ray Wimberly on August 6, 1965, for $7,500. Arthur R. Fixel was Board President during this time. The original parcel had 175 feet of road frontage and was 497.83 feet deep. Charles “Chuck” Benda was hired to design the new church Sanctuary and accompanying support facilities – classrooms, office, kitchen and storage spaces, which replicated the modern design used in the original chapel on Wildwood Drive (FSU). In 1967, Lawrence Stoutamire, Jr. was the builder selected to construct the buildings. Board President Herb Taylor oversaw the construction of the new buildings.

As was popular at that time in Florida, Ocala block was selected to construct the unusually shaped Sanctuary and Pod buildings. Ocala blocks’ defining characteristic is that it has an aggregate of crushed limestone in the concrete mix, which achieves a color range from beige to salmon. The limestone used to create the blocks came from a quarry in Ocala. While most Ocala block buildings have since been painted over, the block was intended to remain bare so that its natural color could be appreciated. The exterior of the older UUCT buildings have remained unpainted. The interior spaces in all of the smaller rooms in the older complex buildings have been painted.

Shortly after construction, other artisans contributed to the various aspects of the new buildings and property. During 1968-69, Oscar Easton, father of Dexter Easton (a former Board President) and a stonemason by trade, built the seam-face granite sign base for the sign on Meridian Road. While the original sign has since been replaced, the sign base still remains as a testament of his skills. In addition, Dr. Roy Hoover, another member of the congregation at that time and a wood artisan, built the lectern and the hanging lights in the Sanctuary that are still in use today. Tom Chase, a long-time member, built the wood risers used in the Sanctuary; one of which matches the angles of the lectern.

In January 1975, additional property on the south and to the west was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Edward Proctor, Jr. (Mary Ellen Proctor) to increase the parking spaces and improve the storm drainage system on the grounds. The cost of this property was $10,000. This parcel also had road frontage of 175 feet but extended to 597.83 deep and enclosed the existing parcel on two sides.

More UUCT history (https://old.uutallahassee.org/history/)


Weddings at UUCT

Marry the ONE You Love!

Wedding Bouquet Toss

Wedding Bouquet Toss

UUCT welcomes all couples who want to marry those they love. Come visit! You are invited to bring your loved one and visit us on a Sunday or to schedule a tour of the buildings and grounds during the week. The rental unit for wedding ceremonies includes the Sanctuary, Memorial Garden, Veranda, Kitchen and nearby parking areas. Your wedding and reception can be indoors or outdoors depending on your preference and upon the weather on your special day. Additional rooms for on-site preparations or rehearsals are available to rent at reduced fees. A site supervisor will be available during your event to answer questions and to assist with any building related emergencies.


We think you will discover that UUCT’s picturesque facilities and grounds are perfect for your wedding celebrations!

Wedding Dessert Table

Wedding Dessert Table


Please note that renting the facilities for weddings does not include the services of the UUCT Minister or the Sexton. Please contact the Minister (850) 385-5115 to check whether there is a fee for services and if the Minister is available on your special day. You are welcome to bring in any officiate to conduct your ceremony.

Please contact our Office Administrator for more information regarding site availability, fees or a tour of the buildings and grounds (850) 385-5115 or via e-mail Office Administrator.



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