The Finance Committee at UUCT is an important component of the overall financial well being of the community.  They meet on a regular basis and provide the congregation with updates on UUCT’s financial resources.   The committee chair is Marty Beech, VP of Finance.  The Disbursing Treasurer, Ron Clark, prepares a monthly Report to the Congregation along with a Budget Report that is available to the public.

Pages 82 & 83 of  The Manual of Policies and Procedures has outlined the following fundrasing-700x340information on the Finance Committee. 

H.2.3 Finance Committee
H.2.3.1 Purpose
To oversee the management of the church’s financial resources, under the general direction and oversight of the
Board, and with the help of the Church Treasurer and Assistant Treasurers.
H.2.3.2 Composition of the Finance Committee
a. Any member or friend of the congregation may serve on the Finance
b. Committee, Vacancies will be advertised.
c. The Finance Committee shall be composed of no less than six people.
d. The Vice President for Finance shall serve as the chair of the Finance Committee and is counted as a
member for meeting the minimum membership requirement.
e. The Treasurer is automatically a member of the Finance Committee and is also counted as a member for
meeting the minimum membership requirement.
f. The Assistant Treasurer and Collecting Treasurer are also members of the Finance Committee and
counted toward the membership requirement.
g. The President Elect is automatically a voting member of the Finance Committee, and counts as a
member for meeting the minimum membership requirement.
h. A quorum shall be three members.
i. The Finance Committee shall meet at least nine times during the fiscal year, preferably monthly. Meetings of the Finance Committee will be announced.
H.2.3.3 Responsibilities
a. Monitor, record and report the church’s financial affairs, which include income and expenses for all
funds, pledge payments, and pass-through accounts. Reports shall be made monthly to the Board, and
periodically to the congregation in the church’s newsletter, The Meridian, or by way of handouts or
mailings. A complete financial report shall be given to the congregation within 60 days after the end of
each fiscal year.
b. Prepare the annual budget, with input from the Board and committee chairs, for review and approval by
the Board and final adoption by the congregation.
c. Solicit, collect and oversee church funds in accordance with approved policies and procedures.
d. Provide for year-round stewardship education and ensure that pledges for support of the operating
budget are solicited every year or more often.
e. Review and recommend for approval all fund raising events conducted in the name of the church.
f. Assure that the church has sufficient property and liability insurance for congregational personnel and
g. Provide oversight to the Canvass, Endowment, Fundraising, Planned Giving and Capital Campaign
h. Prepare policies and procedures for adoption by the Board on matters of fiscal policy.
i. Annually review and update signatories for all of the church’s financial accounts. The Secretary of the
Executive Board is responsible for maintaining the signatory and key-holder list for the church’s safedeposit box.
Adopted 6/5/2003. Revised 9/23/2007; 5/19/2013

Page 13 of the UUCT By Laws Article IV, Section C

C. Finance Committee

1. Responsibilities

a. The Committee shall be responsible for monitoring the financial resources of the church and shall arrange for periodic audits or financial reviews of the fiscal processes and records of the church. Rev. 9/21/08

b. The Committee shall have responsibility for preparing the annual budget for presentation to the Executive Board before presentation to the Congregation.

c. The Committee shall oversee the planning and conduct of the annual canvass.

d. The Committee shall assume such other responsibilities as are assigned by the Executive Board.

e. The Committee shall make all financial reports available to the Congregation.

f. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board concerning finances of the church.

2. Membership The Committee shall be chaired by the vice president for finance and shall include the treasurer and at least four other Qualified Members of the church.

UUCT Finance Forms

Authorization for Payment Request

Reimbursement Request

Missing Receipt Form