UUCT Members and Supporting Friends may put together a special fundraising event for money-home-coin-investmentthe benefit of the church and its mission during the year. To do this, please submit a UUCT Fundraiser Request by Friday, February 21,2020.

  1. Write a brief description of the activity, including the date and purpose, and identify a point of contact. Please include necessary information as this may be published in the Sunday Bulletin, The Meridian, on the UUCT Events page, on UUCT Facebook, and in email notifications.
  2. Complete the Application* for UUCT Fundraiser Request Collection for FY 2020-2021 to confirm UUCT Member or Supporting Friend Sponsor:

The completed form must be signed and submitted to Marty Beech, VP for Finance, no later than the end of business day on February 21, 2020.

Email martyuuct@gmail.com or place it in the VP for Finance mailbox in the Sanctuary (group of mailboxes across from kitchen entrance).
*Attaching additional pages is acceptable.