Currently accepting applications for MountainCamp 2019 at The Mountain Mountain CampRetreat and Learning Center in Highlands, NC.

Contact: Matt Doyle,

Deadline : Sunday, May 26, 2019

UUCT is currently offering 50% match scholarships to Members of the congregation for MountainCamp!

  • Up to $600 for two weeks, and up to $300 for one week.
  • Preference is given to first time campers. However, we strongly encourage all to apply.

Summer camp at The Mountain, MountainCamp, is a UUnique opportunity for UUCT youth. Each camper is treated with kindness, consideration, respect, and are celebrated for their individual gifts.

The Mountain was founded by Unitarian Universalists in 1979 as a nonprofit camp and conference center. This is an ecologically conscious retreat and learning center serving congregations, businesses, schools, and other Unitarian Universalist and community groups.

The experience of living immersed in Unitarian Universalist values is invaluable, and forever influences a youths’ outlook on life. Being able to share common values with others from far-reaching locations in an atmosphere of natural beauty and peacefulness creates lifelong memories and inspires embracing individuality. See photos, dates and online registration by visiting

Apply for a scholarship by filling out the online form at UUCT MountainCamp 2019 Scholarship Application   (form needs date change to 5/26/19) or email Matt Doyle ( to receive this link electronically

The form provides a space to explain why you (youth or child) want to go to MountainCamp, what you hope to gain from the experience, and what great things you have heard about The Mountain or MountainCamp specifically. PLEASE PROVIDE THOUGHTFUL RESPONSES AS THIS INFORMATION IS USED IN THE DECISION PROCESS.  WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR AN ELOQUENTLY COMPOSED PIECE OF ART.  WE ARE MORE INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU ARE EXCITED ABOUT, HOW YOU HOPE TO GROW, OR WHAT YOU HOPE TO DO AT MOUNTAINCAMP?

Parents, the Scholarship Committee prefers to hear the words of the youth or children. Of course, your help and guidance is expected and welcomed.

All responses will be held in confidence.


Questions: Matt Doyle (850) 491-6357 or subject “Mountain Scholarship Application.